Automated Fertilizer Packaging Machine

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Introduction of Automated fertilizer packaging machine

Granule packaging machines are used in the automatic weighing and packaging of granular materials. Granular materials can be accurately measured according to a certain weight or volume and packed into bags and other containers. The fully automatic quantitative packaging machine adopts the DC medium vibration feeding method. It has the advantages of accurate measurement, fast speed, automatic error compensation, and correction. Integrated structural design, can be equipped with double or multiple buckets for quantitative feeding to improve work efficiency. Granule packaging machines are widely used in fertilizer granules, organic fertilizers, feed granules, seeds, beans, nuts, pharmaceutical granules, urea granules, NPK granules, and other types. It is often used in production lines to achieve continuous automated production.

Feature of Automated Fertilizer Packaging Machine

1. Efficient: The packaging machine adopts automated operation and can handle the particle packaging task efficiently and quickly.

2. Accurate: Equipped with advanced weighing and control systems, the error does not exceed 0.5g.

3. Control: Product parameters can be adjusted to meet the needs of different weight packaging.

4. Energy saving: The equipment has low energy consumption and can avoid the waste of raw materials in the packaging process.

5. Safety: Equipped with complete protection devices and control systems to avoid potential failures and dangers.

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Working Process of Automated Fertilizer Packaging Machine

The materials are sent to the hopper of the granule packaging machine through the conveyor. The granule packaging machine weighs the materials through sensors and weighing devices. It is then filled into the packaging bag. The main machine adopts a frequency converter and is divided into three gears: fast, medium, and slow to adjust the belt feeding. It is also equipped with a control system to realize automated operation and monitoring. Operators can set and adjust parameters through the touch screen or control panel, monitor data during the production process, and ensure normal operation of the equipment.

Technical Parameter of Automated Fertilizer Packaging Machine

Package weight range (kg/bag)4-2520-6025-100
package quantity rang (bag/minute)8-12
Total power (kw)1.5
Air pressure0.4-0.65MPa (can be customized electric)
Way of workingOptional (no bucket, single bucket, double bucket)

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