Rotary Drum Granulator Fertilizer Making Machine ​

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Introduction of Rotary Drum Granulator Fertilizer Making Machine

Rotary drum granulator is a kind of granulation equipment that processes materials into specific spherical particles. It can produce 10 tons of finished pellets in one hour, with high output and low return rate. Adopting the wet granulation method, it is widely used in hot and cold granulation and the production of high-, medium- and low-concentration large-volume compound fertilizers. It is one of the key equipments in the compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer industries. Combined with fermentation equipment, crushers, mixers, drying and cooling systems, screening machines and packaging machines, a complete automated fertilizer production line can be formed.

Feature of Rotary Drum Granulator Fertilizer Making Machine

1. High output, low return rate, can produce 10 tons of finished pellets per hour.

2. Wet granulation method, the surface of the finished granules is smooth, the shape is regular, and the hardness is high.

3. The inner wall is lined with rubber, which is anti-sticking and anti-corrosion. It can also play a role in heat preservation and improve drying efficiency.

4. It can process various organic and inorganic substances, such as poultry manure, kitchen waste, straw, sludge, etc.

5. The operation is simple, no staff is needed during the working period, and continuous production can be realized.

6. Environmental protection and energy saving, can effectively process organic waste, and at the same time perform heat recovery and save energy.

Working Process of Rotary Drum Granulator Fertilizer Making Machine

The drum granulator adopts the wet granulation method, through a certain proportion of water or steam, after the material reaches a certain humidity in the cylinder, a corresponding chemical reaction occurs. With the help of the rotating motion of the barrel, the material is agglomerated into spherical particles by using the principle of continuous mosaic growth between molecules.

Technical Parameter of Rotary Drum Granulator Fertilizer Making Machine

ModelPower (kw)Production capacity (t/h)Welght (t)Size (m)
2.74.6x 2.2x2.0

Product Details of Rotary Drum Granulator Fertilizer Making Machine

1. Rack:The whole machine is made of high-quality carbon steel, which has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

2. Rubber lining:The inner lining is made of rubber engineering plastics, which has the function of anti-corrosion and heat preservation. Steam heating can increase the temperature of the material and improve the drying efficiency.

3. Big gear:It is fixed on the body and meshes with the pinion to drive the body to work in the opposite direction

4.Roll ring:Fixed on both sides of the fuselage, using new wear-resistant materials to increase service life.





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