Cage Crusher Fertilizer Making Machine

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Introduction of Cage Crusher Fertilizer Making Machine

Cage crusher is a common crushing equipment. It can be used to crush urea granules, organic and inorganic fertilizer granules, wet agglomerated materials, kaolin, bentonite, limestone and other medium-hard and brittle materials. Designed according to the principle of impact crushing, it is equipped with two sets of cage bars that rotate in opposite directions. Through the ultra-high speed, the passing materials are collided and crushed into an ideal state. Due to the fineness of the powder after crushing, it is equipped with a dust removal bag to achieve the effect of dust removal during work.

Feature of Cage Crusher Fertilizer Making Machine

1. The crushing effect is good: the crushed material is uniform and the work efficiency is high

2. Low energy consumption: due to the structural design and exhaust device, the energy consumption is lower

3. Strong adaptability: the rotation speed of the cage and the arrangement of internal racks or hammers can be adjusted according to different materials to meet different needs

4. Easy maintenance: Compared with other crushing equipment, the maintenance and cleaning of the cage crusher is more convenient

5. Safe and stable: There is basically no splash or spray during crushing, and the equipment is safe and stable during operation

Working Process of Cage Crusher Fertilizer Making Machine

The cage crusher belongs to the neutral horizontal cage grinder. The material is fed into the equipment through the feed port, and the high-speed rotating cage bar moves forward and backward to collide the passing material and crush it into an ideal state. It has the characteristics of high crushing efficiency, good crushing fineness, stable operation and easy cleaning.

Technical Parameter of Cage Crusher Fertilizer Making Machine

Specification (mm)Rotating speed (r/min)Power (kw)Production capacity (t/h)Dimensions

Product Details of Cage Crusher Fertilizer Making Machine

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