Flat Die Pellet Machine

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Introduction of Flat Die Pellet Machine

The flat die pellet machine is a mechanical equipment used to process powdery materials into cylindrical pellets. It is mainly composed of a feeder, extrusion chamber, extrusion roller, and cutter. Under the action of the pressure roller, the raw materials are squeezed, sheared, and extruded to form columnar granular materials. By adjusting the mold specification parameters, the required particle size can be achieved. It has a variety of applicable scenarios and is often used in the processing of fertilizer pellets and feed pellets to improve utilization and portability. Because of its compact appearance and favorable price, it is deeply loved by small and medium-sized enterprises.


Feature of Flat Die Pellet Machine

1. High-efficiency production: The flat-die pellet machine can quickly process materials into the required particles and improve production efficiency.

2. No additives required: It can be processed into particles without adding any additives, reducing environmental pollution and costs.

3. Easy to operate: simple structure, easy to install and adjust, and convenient for later maintenance and maintenance.

4. Adjustability: By adjusting the rollers, the shape and size of the particles can be changed to meet multiple production requirements.

5. High-cost performance: With large production capacity and low energy consumption, it is the first choice of equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises to process particles.

6. Stable quality: the force is even during processing, the finished particles are of consistent size and high quality.

Working Process of Flat Die Pellet Machine

First, the raw materials or pre-treated materials are transported into the feed port of the flat die pellet machine through the feeding device. The material passes through the pressure between the roller and the grinding disc to form a cylindrical material. Next, the blades equipped with the equipment will cut the material to the required length. The completed materials are discharged from the discharge port for packaging or subsequent processing. The flat die pellet machine can be used with feeding systems, crushers, mixers, conveying equipment, packaging machines, and other related equipment to form a pellet processing production line. Realize automated continuous production.

Technical Parameter of Flat Die Pellet Machine

Yield (kg/h)Granulation rate (%)Particle temperature rise (℃)Power (kw)Total weight (kg)

Product Details of Flat Die Pellet Machine

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flat die pellet machine (3).jpgflat die pellet machine (4).jpg

flat die pellet machine (5).jpg

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