Stirring Teeth Granulator Fertilizer Making Machine

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Introduction of Stirring Teeth Granulator Fertilizer Making Machine

Stirring teeth granulator is a kind of organic compound fertilizer granulation equipment. Wet kneading granulation is especially suitable for coarse fiber materials that are difficult to granulate, such as: straw, sugar residue, medicine residue, animal manure, humic acid, sludge and other raw materials. The internal push rod has a strong density, and the finished pellets produced have high hardness and high output. Both ends of the equipment are equipped with a large gear and a small gear, and the large and small wheels are driven by a belt. Thereby reducing the friction between the gears of the reducer and reducing energy consumption. Stirring tooth granulator can be combined with feeding system, fermentation equipment, crushing mixer, screening machine and packaging machine to form a complete organic and inorganic fertilizer granule production line.


Feature of Stirring Teeth Granulator Fertilizer Making Machine

1. Simple operation, continuous production can be realized

2. High work efficiency, large output and low energy consumption

3. The density of the push rod is strong, and the particles made are uniform and strong

4. The granulation process does not require any binder

5. Suitable for granulation processing of various materials, including powder, granules, crystals, etc.

6. Strong functionality, integrating mixing and granulation, can be combined with other related equipment to form a production line


Working Process of Stirring Teeth Granulator Fertilizer Making Machine

The tooth-stirring granulator adopts a new working method of wet kneading granulation to quickly process the material into spherical particles. Firstly, the material to be processed is put into the hopper, and through the internal rotating high-density push rod, the material is continuously mixed and stirred, granulated, spheroidized, densified, etc., and processed into uniform high-hardness particles. The finished granules are discharged from the bottom end. By adjusting the moisture content of the material and the spindle speed, the size of the particles can be changed.


Technical Parameter of Stirring Teeth Granulator Fertilizer Making Machine

Installation angle ( ° )2-2.52-2.52-2.5
Grainy yield(t/h)1-1.51.5-22-33-5
Feed moisture(%)20-4020-4020-4020-40
Feed size(mesh)505050
Shape size(mm)4100x1600x11504250x1850x13004700x2350x1600

Product Details of Stirring Teeth Granulator Fertilizer Making Machine

The stirring tooth granulator is suitable for a variety of materials, and can be efficiently processed into organic compound fertilizer granules.



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